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My wife and I started this business not only as a mission outreach to seniors in our area but because we watched our parents suffer from the wheel chair transportation industry and their lack of compassion for the sick and elderly.

In 2006 my father-in-law developed neuropathy as the result of long term type II diabetes. This disease not only took the function of his legs and eventually his hands and arms, but caused his kidney’s to fail which required dialysis three times a week. The nursing homes he was in had no transportation capabilities and were unfamiliar with the routine. For several months he struggled with services from other transportation companies and spent hours sitting in waiting rooms and on sidewalks out side dialysis centers waiting for some outfit to pick him up. We could not stand to watch him suffer so any longer. After much research and discussion, my wife and I decided that we could either continue to watch her father suffer and complain about the system or do something to change it. Thus, CARE-ful Wheels Transportation was formed.

After contacting just a couple of nursing homes in our area we saw that there was a desperate need for dependable, compassionate transportation service. We had one van and were so busy within a few short months and second and then a third van was added. We now have three full time vans and drivers to service the Denver metro area.

We have been blessed by the many people we have met and the lives who have touched ours. We consider it an honor to serve our Lord in such a capacity.

Call (303) 668-7546 anytime, day or night, to schedule your pick-up for your next appointment.  We and our staff look forward to serving you with CARE in the near future.

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